Taylor’s first examination by Stephen Gardiner and deprivation of his livings [literal]

Taylor‘s first examination by Stephen Gardiner and deprivation of his livings (1563, pp. 1068-71; 1570, pp. 1695-96; 1576, pp. 1447-48; 1583, pp. 1520-21). Actes and Monumentes of the church, pp. 1068-1071.Now when the Bishop Gardiner saw Doctor Taylor, he according to his common custom, Bishop Gardiner like Bishop Caiphas, all to revile him, calling him, knaue, traitor, heretic, with many other villainous reproaches: Doctor Talor’s patience and magnanimitye which al Doctor heard patiently, and at last said unto him:My Lord I am neither Traitor, nor heretic, but a true subject, and a faithful Christian man, and am come according to your commandment, to know what is the cause that your Lordship hath sent me.Then said the Bishop: art thou come, thou villain? How darest thou look me in the face for shame?  Knowest thou not who I am?Yes, quote Doctor Taylor, I know who ye are.Ye are Doctor Stephan Gardiner, Bishop of Winchester, and Lord Chancellor, and yet a mortal man I trust.But if I should be afraid of your Lord-like looks, why fear you not God, the Lord of all? How dare ye for shame look a Christian man in the face, saying, ye have forsaken truth, denied our Savior Christ and his Word, and done contrary to your own oath and writing?With that countenance will ye appear before the judgment seat of Christ, and answer to your oath made, first unto King Henry, VIII of famous memory, and afterward unto that blessed King, King Edward the VI, his son.

The Bishop answered: Tushe, tushe, that was Herod’s oath, unlawful, and therefore worthy to be broken. Here the Bishop’s confesseth unlawful oaths ought not to be kept.  I have done well in breaking it: and (I thank God) I am come home again to our mother the Catholic Church of Rome, and so I would thou shouldest do.Doctor Taylor answered: Should I forsake the true

church of
Christ, whereunto all men ought to turn? 

Church of
Christ, which is founded upon the true foundation of the Apostles and Prophets, too approve those lies, errors, superstitions, and idolatries, that the Popes and their company at this day so blasphemously approveth? Nay God forbid.Let the Pope and his return to our Savior Christ and his Word, and thrust out of the churches such abominable idolatries, as he maintaineth, and then will Christian men turn to him.  You wrote truly against him, and were sworn against him.I tell thee, quote the Bishop of Winchester) it was Herod’s oath, unlawful, and therefore ought to be broken and not kept, and our Holy Father the Pope hath discharged me of it.Then said Doctor Taylor: but you shall not so be discharged before Christ, Christ will require lawful oaths and promises. Who doubtless will require it at your hands, as a lawful oath made to your liege and sovereign Lord the King, from whose obedience no man can assail you, neither the Pope nor none of his.I see (quote the Bishop) thou art an arrogant knave and a very foe. My Lord (quote Doctor Taylor) leave your unseemly railing at me, which is not seemly for such a one in authority as you are. For I am a Christian man and you know that railing words become not magistrates. He that saith to his brother “Racca”, is in danger of a Council: and he that saith “Thou Fool”, is in danger of hell fire. The Bishop answered: ye are all false and liars, all the sort of you. Nay (quote Docotr Taylor) we are true men and know that it is written. “Os quod mentitur, occidit animam:”  And again, “Perdes omnes qui loquuntur mendatium.” The mouth that lieth, slayeth the soul. And again, Lord God thou shalt destroy all that speak lies.  And therefore we abide bythe truth of God’s Word, which ye contrary to your own conscience deny and forsake.Thou art married (quote the Bishop) Doctor
Taylor’s marriage. Yes (quote Doctor Taylor) that I thank God I am, and have had nine children, and all in lawful matrimony: and blessed be God that ordained matrimony, and commanded that every man that hath not the gift of continence, should marry a wife of his own, and not lie in adultery, or whoredom.
Then said the Bishop, Thou hast resisted the Queen’s proceedings, and wouldest not suffer the person of Aldham, as good a Priest as can be. A very virtuous, and devout Priest, to say Mass in Hadleigh. Doctor Taylor answered, My Lord: I am person of Hadley, and it is against all Right, Conscience and Laws, that any man shall come into my charge, and presume to infect the flock, committed unto me with venom of the Popish idolatrous
Mass. The
With that the Bishop waxed very angry, and said: Thou art a blasphemous heretic indeed, that blasphemest the blessed Sacrament, (and put of his cap) and speakest against the Holy Mass, which is made a sacrifice for the quick and the dead.Doctor Taylour answered: No, I blaspheme not the blessed Sacrament, which Christ instituted, but I reverence it as a true Christian ought to do, and confess that Christ ordained the Holy Communion, The communion. In the remembrance of his Death and Passion: which when wee keep according to his ordinance, we, through Faith, eat the body of Christ, and drink his blood, giving thanks for our redemption: and this is our Sacrifice for the quick and the dead, to give God thanks for his merciful goodness Thou sayest well (quote the Bishop:) It is all, that thou hast said, and more too. For it is a propitiatory Sacrifice for the quick and the dead. Then answered Doctor Taylor: Christ gave himself to die for our redemption upon the Cross, whose body there offered was the propitiatory Sacrifice, full, perfect, and sufficient, unto salvation for all them that believe in him. And this sacrifice did our Savior Christ offer in his own person himself, once for all, neither can any Priest and more offer him, nor we need no more propitiatory Sacrifice: And therefore I say with Chrisystrom, and all the Doctors: Our Sacrifice is only In Memoriam, in the remembrance of Christ’s death, and Passion, a Sacrifice of thanks giving, and therefore the Fathers calleth it Eucharist. And other sacrifice hath the

Church of
God none.It is true (quote the Bishop:) the Sacrament is called Eucharist, a thanks giving, because we there give thanks for our redemption: and it is also a sacrifice propitiatory for the quick and the dead: which thou shalt confess, ere thou and I have done. Then called the Bishop his men, and said: A strong reason, this is his shoote anker. Have thy fellows hence, and carry him to the King’s bench, and charge the keeper he be straightly kept.

Then kneeled Doctor Taylor down, and held up both his hands and said: Good Lord, I thank thee. And from the Tyranny of the Bishop of Rome, and all his detestable errors, Idolatries, and abominations, good Lord deliver vs. And God be praised for good king Edward. So they carried him to prison to the Kings, where he lay prisoner almost two year.

This is the summary of that first talk, (as I saw it mentioned in a letter) that Doctor Taylor wrote to a friend of his, thanking GOD for his grace, that he had confessed his truth, and was found worthy for his truth to suffer prison, and bands, and beseech his friends to pray for him, that he might persevere constant unto the end.


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