The Legacy of Rowland Taylor

The legacy of Rowland Taylor is found through the power of his words (i.e., blessings) he spoke upon his children and his posterity.

The descendants of Dr. Rowland and Margaret Taylor are often found to be of the most godly and noble of character and spirit. The presence of Christ is very often found in the Taylor-line, some 20+ centuries later. His legacy ha sprofoundly shaped Christendom and even America.

Here are some direct descendants from Rowland Taylor that have shaped American history and life: Col. James Taylor, II (b. 1674), Col. George Taylor (b. 1710), Zachary Taylor (12th President of the United States), President James Madison, Gen. James Taylor (b. 1769) and Frances Jane Taylor (b. 1762). There are hundreds of other not-so-well-known Taylor descendants who continue to carry the torch of faithfulnesss to Christ even almost 500 years after Rowland taylor was burnt at the stake.

The legacy of Rowland Taylor in words . . . . .

Rowland Taylor spoke these words to his son Thomas just hours before his death:

“Almighty God bless thee, and give you his Holy Spirit, to be a true servant of Christ, to learn his word, and constantly to stand by his truth all the life long. And my son, see that thou fear God always. Fly from all sin and wicked living. Be virtuous, serve God daily with prayer, and apply thy boke [unsure what ‘boke’ is]. In anywise see thou be obedient to thy mother, love her, and serve her. Be ruled by her now in thy youth, and follow her good counsel in all things. Beware of lewd company of young men, that fear not God, but followeth their lewd lusts and vain appetites. Flee from whoredom, and hate all filthy lying, remembering that I they father do die in the defense of holy marriage [Taylor was condemned for teaching that a Priest could marry]. And another day when God shall bless thee, love and cherish the poor people, and count that thy chief riches to be rich in alms. And when thy mother is waxed old, forsake her not, but provide for her to thy power, and see that she lacks nothing. For so will God bless thee, give thee long life upon earth, and prosperity, which I pray God to grant thee.”

Friends of Rowland Taylor’s tried to convince him to flee London and spare his life own life. In response to such advice Dr. Taylor said:

“God shall well hereafter raise up teachers of his people, which shall with much more diligence and fruit teach them than I have done . . . . . I shall never be able to do God so good service, as I may do now; nor I shall never have so glorious a calling as I now have, nor so great mercy of God profitted me, as is now at this present.” Dr. Taylor was burnt at the stake, at the hands of Queen Mary of Tudor – Bloody Mary – within a couple days of this statement.”

And in another place we see Dr. Taylor unafraid to face his accusers who had the power to kill his body:

“And although I know, that there is neither iustice nor truth to be looked for at my adversaries hands, but rather imprisonment and cruel death: yet know I my cause to be so good and righteous, and the truth so strong upon my side, that I will by God’s grace go and appear before them and to their beards resist their false doingss.

Dr. Rowland Taylor was imprisoned several times for lengthy periods, and separated from his large family, prior to his death in February 1555. He found the prisons to be quite a fruitful ground for the Gospel. Queen Mary put so many believers in Christ in prison that . . .

“. . . . almost all the prisons in England were become the right Christian Schools, and churches, prisons turned into churches and churches into dens of theives.” – John Foxe writing about Rowland Taylor’s experiences in prison in Suffolk, England.

As Taylor neared the time of his death he wrote these words, most likely in prison:

“God be praised, even from the bottom of my heart, I am unmoveably settled upon the Rock, nothing doubting, but thay my dear God will perform, and finish the work, that he hath begun in me, and other, to Him be all honor bot now and ever through Christ our only and whole Savior.”

John Foxe – Foxe’s Book of Martyrs – describes the kind of man Rowland Taylor was:

Not only was his word a preaching unto them, but all his life and conversation was an example of unfeigned Christian life, and true holiness. He was void of all pride, humble, and meek as any child: so that none were so poor, but they might boldly, as unto their father, resort unto him, neither was his lowliness childish or fearful: but as occasion, time, and place required, he would be stout in rebuking the sinful, and evil doers: so that none was so rich, but he would tell him plainly his fault, with such earnest and grave rebukes as became a good Curate and Pastor. He was a ma very mild, void of all rancor, grudge, or evil will, ready to do good to all men, readily forgoing his enemies, and never sought to do evil to any.


55 responses to “The Legacy of Rowland Taylor

  • Ellen Taylor Maulding

    Just the other day I was talking with my husband and brought up the notion that my father’s family (who’s 11th great grandfather was Dr. Rowland Taylor, seem to be blessed. Blessed in the sense that my Taylor relatives have been men of deep faith and relationship with Jesus, strong character, prosperous and loved by all. Yesturday, I found out that Dr. Rowland Taylor is my 12th great grandfather. Now I know where it all started. Thank you for putting up this website with all the information.


    Mrs. Ellen Taylor Maulding desendent of the following Taylors respectively; Max. O. Taylor, Alton Wade Taylor, John Clayton Taylor, John Byers Taylor, Samuel Jenkins Taylor, Samuel Taylor,Samuel Taylor,James Taylor,James “Colonel”Taylor 3rd, James 2nd Taylor, James “the elder” Taylor, Thomas Taylor 2nd, Thomas Taylor 1st, Dr.Rowland Taylor

  • Annette Erker

    I, too, am a 12th great-granddaughter of Dr. Rowland Taylor and a believer in the Lord, Jesus Christ. I am so proud of the legacy of my 12th great-grandfather. It was an exciting bit of genealogy to uncover.
    My line is Rowland Taylor, Thomas Taylor, John Taylor,James Taylor I, Col. James Taylor II, George Taylor, Edmund Taylor, John Wallace, and so on.
    We are obviously cousins and I would love to communicate with you on some of your research.
    Of particular interest is proof of whom was the first immigrant.
    I live in Scottsdale, AZ and am listed in the phone book. I am also a member of DAR. Are you?
    I also feel blessed to come from a line of men of such great character.

  • James Shannon McNeill

    I too have discovered that Dr.Rowland Taylor was my 12th great-grandfather. I would like to connect with other relatives.

  • Michelle Hollin Van Sickle

    Dr. Rowland Taylor was my 13th great-grandfather. After reading about his life through-out these last few days, I am amazed and awed at his life, and accomplishments. This stuff is fascinating! I’m having a blast digging this info up. If you want a invite to my family tree, please write. Would love to here from you!

  • Mark Taylor

    Dr. Rowland Taylor was also my 13th great-grandfather. I live in North Carolina. My father and other uncle were skeptical about my one uncle’s geneological research revealing Dr. Rowland Taylor back in the 80’s. Its nice to have this internet research capability. With a little google you can click away at the generations. Hey to all Cuz.

  • Emily

    Hi, my name is Emily Carpenter and I am related to Rowland Taylor. My last name isn’t Taylor but my grandmal’s ,aiden name is Taylor. I am related to Rowland on my mother’s side. One of my older cousins researched our family tree and it turns out he is my 16th great grandfather. I am only 14 years old, so I am not old, but still I think it is fasinating to be related to all these wonderful people. And I am proud of my 16th great grandfather and all that he did for what he believed in. That shows you how dedicated he was to his beliefs…and to the people down below me with comments, it looks like we are related,LOL!!!!

  • Robert Ray Taylor

    Hi – Dr. Rowland Taylor was my 11th great-grand father. My line branches off with Robert at Thomas B: 1534. My grand father was William Sterling Lee Taylor D: 1906 in Texas. My line came through VA,KY,TX. I was born in Calif. and lived there until 2005. Am now retired with my wonderful wife of 52 years living in SW Oregon. I am suspect of two or three in my line. If anyone could help me I would appreciate it. My public Tree is Robert R Taylor Family Tree.You are welcome to view it. Thank You
    Bob T

  • Timothy Lunney

    Dr. Rowland Taylor was my 10th great grandfather, through my grandmother Susan Martha Taylor of Easton, Maine. Her Maine Taylor ancestors include two notable clerics:

    Samuel Taylor (son of Elias Taylor, Sr. and Mary (Johnson) Taylor),born on August 22, 1769 at Augusta, Maine and died on September 8, 1855 at Belgrade, Maine, was a Quaker Leader. The Quakers first met in Belgrade Maine in 1801 or 1802, with Samuel Taylor as its well-respected first Leader.

    Elias Taylor Jr., born on February 21, 1762, was the first white child to be born at Cushnoc, within the present limits of Augusta, Maine. He moved to Readfield with his father and mother in 1771. He enlisted in the Continental Army on January 1, 1780 from Winthrop into Captain John Blunt’s company. He married Betsey Knowlton on June 19, 1782. Elias Taylor Jr. became a Calvinist Baptist minister and the first pastor of the South Church, Rockwood Corner, Belgrade, Maine. “He was approbated to preach in 1808, and ordained its pastor in September, 1810. The first twenty years of this church’s existence was a period of prosperity, and prior to 1830, it passed through no very severe trials and the church was united. About 1830, the church became divided, discord reigned discipline, meetings and the ordinances of the gospel were neglected and the church was disrobed of its beauty and shorn of its strength. Pastor Taylor became discouraged, resigned his office and withdrew his ministry in 1833.” Elias Taylor also served as the Representative for Belgrade at the 1819 Constitutional Convention for the newly forming State of Maine. Elias Taylor Jr. and his son John also served in the War of 1812 (in Capt. J. Minot’s Company, Lieut. Col. E. Sherwin’s Regiment) from September 14 to 25, 1814. He received a military service pension from the US Congress on July 23, 1832, died on January 19, 1845 at Belgrade, and was buried at Woodside Cemetery at Belgrade.

  • Jodi

    I am so proud to be related to such a great man. My parents raised me and my sister in the Assemebly of God church and I am glad to know that I am able to believe what I believe. Rowland stood up for what he believed in and we should all do the same.


  • Janet Lynn Fox Owens

    I JUST found out that I am also a desendant of R. Taylor. I haven’t counted back how far yet. I am VERY new to this. I’d appreciate any help y’all could give me. I’ve known for some time that we had a Zachary Taylor in the family but i sure didn’t know that he was our President! Hello to all my cousins! Please write!
    Janet Lynn Fox Owens of Wichita Falls, TX.

  • Pat Fields

    Dr. Rowland Taylor was also my 13th great-grandfather. I am making a trip to Hadliegh where he was burned at the stake this week. I am anxious to see the stained glass window depicting him. On the anniversary of his death, his life is commemorated. I am looking forward to going there and taking pictures.

  • Janet Sherwood Mains

    I am the 12th great granddaughter of Dr. Rowland Taylor. I was astonished to discover it when doing my genealogy. It is through my paternal grandmother’s side. I have been trying to find all I can about him. I just discovered this site.

  • Darrell Taylor

    Rowland Taylor is my 11th greatgrandfather .I would
    like to hear from some of you and compare notes on the Taylor family.

  • j atwood taylor, iii

    i am pleased to join my cousins in our collective appreciation for Rowland Taylor, my eleventh great grandfather, and the work he did for the Gospel –jtaylor

  • joyce (Doss) Potter

    I am so surprised. Found where Rowland and Margaret are my 12th ggparents on my Mother’s and Father’s lineage. All due to two brothers, Robert Taylor and Thomas II Colonel Taylor sons of John the Immigrant.
    I have been sitting here for several hours learning about the Tyndale’s and Taylors. There is little about John Taylor, b. 1485. I would like to know more. It is my understanding that he was one of 3 triplets of John Taylor and Margaret DeFairsted. And as a child friend to Henry VII. The stories and what I have learned is better than any fiction. Talking about Hero’s and people who really cared about others. What an honor to be the 12th Great Granddaughter of Rowland and Margaret. And a part of this endless chain.

  • Haley Stewart Webster

    Hi! I just found out today that I am related to Rowland Taylor as well. I am awaiting the documentation to find out exactly how.

    It’s so crazy to know that there are so many of us that are connected this way and all over the country!

    Houston, TX

  • Vickie R.

    I am also Rowland’s 12th great granddaughter. I have been researching my family tree for my mother. She didn’t know anything about her family and this has gotten her so excited that whenever I see her, that is all she wants to talk about. If anyone can give me any information pass John and Margaret DeFairsted I would really appreciate it. We have all been Blessed to have such an extraordinary family!

  • Charles Taylor

    I’ve been piecing together my family history for over 15 years. Started off talking with my father, my great-aunt and other aunts, uncle’s and cousins. Afterwards, I started collecting what documents I could get; military papers, marriage records, birth certs, pension records and census. But with all that, it got only covered the Taylor tree for the last 200 years, i.e. to 1802. Then came internet and the seemingly endless resources and published family trees that offered more clues.

    It is exciting to discover that I am a descendant of Dr. Rowland Taylor. If the information is correct. If the trees of descent are accurate, then Dr. Taylor is my 13th great-grandfather.

    How amazing! To think that I had no idea of this 20 years ago when I read Foxe’s Book of Martyrs in Bible College. While I was preparing for my ordination into the ministry, I read about one of my fore-fathers and didn’t know it.

    I have felt the presence of God in my life, even at an early age. I certainly believe that the Lord has known us even before we were born and that He has a plan for each of us. I would like to think that perhaps, somehow, for some special reason, He has chosen my family to glorify His name by sharing His love, His message and His life with the world.

  • Norman Taylor Jr

    I have a lot of research on the Rowland Taylor Family along with many books. I amte 15th generation of Rowland Tayor, moreso before him John Taylor who married Susan Rowland in England and had Rowland Taylor. Again I have extensive reasearch and geneology up to 1485 to 2011. There are many connections in this age to the Taylor’s related to Rowland on a Facebook site as well. Alltogether I have 16 generations recorded and I would love to record more Taylor’s related to Dr. Rowland Taylor.

    I am 33 years old and would love to connect with other Taylor family of this geneology. My email is

    My research has been many years in the making and I would love to continue to assure better accuracy.. Take care fellow Family..

  • Melanie Pitts

    I, too, am 15th gen. from Rowland Taylor,and this is quite intriguing. Looking forward to continuing this research and reading. Can’t wait to share the information with my grandmother about her “faithful” heritage!

  • Josie Smith

    In my family research I am at a dead end with my ancestor Susan Jane Taylor b abt 1831 in either NC or IN. She married Samuel James Coleman and their daughter Rhoda A Coleman was my G G Grandmother. I would love it if anyone could give me a connection to Rowland’s line.

  • Melba Niemuth

    Dr. Roland and Margaret Tyndale Taylor were my 11th G. Grandparents..thru my grandmother, Myrtle Taylor and her father, Thomas Nelson Taylor.. Last year, I found Thomas Taylor’s 1917 Texas Death Certificate on and his parents were listed as Alfred Taylor and Polly Gadberry. That opened the doors to Dr. Roland Taylor. Does anyone know for sure if Margaret is a sister to William Tyndale? They are related, but how. There sure is a lot of interesting reading on this Taylor Family.

  • Melba Niemuth

    Sorry, I called Dr. Rowland Taylor in the above message, Dr. Roland Taylor.. My husband’s name is Roland and my son’s name is William..My email address is if anyone care to correspond..

  • Bev Yoakum

    I recently found Rowland Taylor is my 13th great grandfather. I have a small private school and re-named it “Wesley-Taylor Preparatory School”. I only hope this place can somehow reflect a tiny glimmer of Taylor’s faithfulness.

  • Charles A Taylor

    In doing family research, I found I am the 9th great Grandson of Rowland Taylor. Would like to hear from others that are related to Rowland Taylor I will gladly exchange information.

    Charles A Taylor

  • Betty Taylor Collins

    I am just glued to this computer screen…How great to share this with all of my cousins. I just learned of this today while working on my family tree and can’t wait to share with my family. God bless all of you.

  • Carmen Alexander Rosales

    I’m researching my family tree and discovered Rowland Taylor to be my 13th great-grandfather. How exciting and humbling. I’ve marveled many times how many sincere Christians are in my family line. We truly are the fruit of seeds sown by our ancestors.

  • Betty Taylor Collins

    I read that Margaret , wife of Rowland Taylor, was Tyndales’ daughter. This is to answer Melba.
    Also, I think it would be interesting to find out where we cousins ended up living.
    I live on the Eastern Shore of Virginia. Very close to where they landed.
    There is only about 25 yrs between my 13th great- grandfathers and they both lived their lives with in 50 miles of each other. I am trying to find out if their paths crossed. My other was Sir Robert Bell, speaker of the House of Commons under the rule of Queen Elizabeth I.

  • melissa

    Dr. Rowland Taylor is my maternal 15th grandfather. My grandmother was Ruby Pearl Taylor born to Samual Henry Taylor(1876-1943) and Ella Harrison Taylor(1878-1916).W e are descended from Dr. Rowland’s son, Thomas. I am proud to be his descendant. I have always had a deep sense of faith that was passed from my mother and grandmother. I have always felt I was born with it. Now I know why. I have a boldness of faith given by God. I think God has continued to allow the legacy of Dr. Rowland Taylor to live on. I am currently married to a youth minister and I am a children’s ministries director in a baptist church. It is nice to finally know my heritage. Thanks to all those who have researched this family.

  • John Gulick

    My line goes 13 generations back to the Martyr. As far back as I know, these ancestors always professed a love for Jesus. No wonder. They were blessed!

    My line came from VA to KY to OH.

  • Sarah Foran

    I am Rowland Taylor’s 14th Great Grand-daughter. I agree with the statements that the prescence of Christ is seen in his descendents. I am incredibly proud to be one of his legacies and as my family has told me, they can see his spirit in me at times. Thank you for publishing this piece on him, his legacy needs to live on so people can see how amazing he was and how much God moved on him.

  • Sarah Foran

    Hi, I just posted a comment, I too would love to come in contact with any of you that are descendants as well. It is such an amazing journey!

  • Sarah Foran

    Sorry, I know I keep leaving comments, but I just realized my email is not on there, it is or I am on facebook, Sarah Foran. I hope someone contacts me, this is so exciting!

  • Sally

    I am Rowland Taylor’s 12th great granddaughter and am a pastor myself. Would love to be in contact with any other relatives of this great and interesting man!

  • Monica Aguilar

    I too have found out just tonight…and still after reading and reading so amazed by my 14th Great Grandfather…I wish my mom was still alive so I could tell her all about it…and the Christian thing is true…she was always very religious (not perfect but no one is…lol) and I too am a big believer as well…if anyone would like to contact me you can find me on as monicamcox21 or facebook Good luck to all and I am gonna still be reading as much as I can about this awesome and couragious man…Dr Rowland Taylor
    Thanks, Monica Aguilar (Cox)

  • Sue A. Wilcox-McGuire

    13th Great Granddaughter here. I have known I was related to Roland for many years although it was just recently I learned who he actually was. To possess the Faith of God within ones soul to endure as he and so many others during this time of History showed the devotion that a “true” Christian should possess. I wonder today how many who profess to be devout Christians would have such bravery? I am related through the Susan Elizabeth Powell marriage to Moses C. Greer and onward back through time.

  • Phil Taylor

    I am Phillip Harold Taylor. Rowland Taylor was my 12th great grandfather. Thomas was my 11th, Thomas was my 10th. I am an attorney and I aware of the great sacrifice Dr. Taylor gave for his ideas. He was an inspiration. I anticipate at trip to Hadley. I live in Virginia and am interested in family immigration details.

  • Chasity Jenny

    I have only recently discovered that Reverend Dr. Rowland Taylor is my 13th great grandfather. I am also a believer in Jesus Christ, and am incredibly proud of my lineage and heritage; even more proud now that I know it includes such a Godly man.

  • Jeretta Wilson

    Yes, I am also a descendant of Roland & Margaret, I have been working on my family tree for about 17 years and the internet has helped in many ways but be careful you can not take every thing as true. Believe it or not sometimes people make up things to get a good family line. So make sure you check and recheck. My line is long to Roland but here goes (if it helps great) My Grandmother was Minnie Mae Taylor-her father William H Taylor-Hails Taylor-William H Taylor-Thomas Taylor b: 1779-Thomas b:1743-(also to his brother James b: 1750 from his two daughters Sara Taylor and Mary Hiron) their father-John Taylor b:1715-Thomas Taylor,III-Thomas,II b: 1657-Thomas,I b 1637-Immigrat John Taylor,b1607 (he came to this land on the ship “True Love” bef.1635) his father-Thomas J Taylor, Jr b;1574-Thomas J.Taylor, Sr b 1548-Rowland Taylor b:1510-John Taylor b:1480-John Taylor b:1452-William Tayor b:1429. Too much to list wife’s of these men but they married very very well. Start looking them up you will be very impressed. my email is Good Hunting it is worth the time. Jeretta

  • Janet Mains

    Dr. Rowland Taylor was also my 12th Great-grandfather. It is fascinating to find all of these descendants. It was through my paternal mother’s side.

  • Stephanie McIntosh

    Does anyone have any information on a William Nathaniel Taylor born around 1691? I am trying to connect him to a Jacob Isaac Taylor 1792-1881. I believe Jacob’s father is an Isaac Taylor born 1750/1753….? I am finding there are alot of Isaac Taylor’s around that time period and can not make a definite connection. I would appreciate any information. My email is….Jacob Isaac Taylor is my husbands 5th great grandfather.

  • Whitney Alvarez

    I am in awe in discovering both that Rev Rowland Taylor is my 12th great grandfather and that so many descendants have been discovering the same and are reaching out on a site such as this. I’ll write again later with my exact line. I’m simply in awe. My line took us to Oklahoma, where I live now. I look forward to discovering more and perhaps corresponding with fellow relatives. 🙂

  • Melissa beavers dearing

    I am a granddaughter of Rowland Taylor going through also president Taylor.. my grandmother was Winnifred Taylor.

  • Laverne Stewart Taylor

    Roland Taylor was my husband’s 11th Ggranddad. My father-in-law was Huel Taylor, son of John Riley Taylor, son of Pleasant Taylor, son of JamesTaylor, son of Cpt. James Taylor, son of Benjamin Taylor, son of son of Benjamin Taylor, son of Thomas Taylor, son of John Henry Taylor, son of James “The Elder” Taylor, son of Capt. Thomas J. Taylor II, son of Thomas Taylor, son of Roland Taylor. My husbands name was Mearl Densmoore Taylor. He grew up in Comanche, Oklahoma!

  • mermaidcamp

    He is my 10th great grandfather. The Taylors ( my mother’s maiden name) were all religious, but my mother was not.

  • Vicki Watkins

    Dr. Rowland Taylor was a descendant of my father William Lonas Taylor, Jr.
    Dr. Rowland Taylor was the Vicar of a Church in Hadleigh, Sulfolk England.
    I and several of my siblings made a trip to England to visit Hadleigh and the church in 2006. There is a monument built in his honor where he was burnt and stained glass in the church dedicated in his memory ( by villagers in 1800)
    I would recommend this trip to help you understand what a revelation this man was to all his descendents. My brother did all the lineage back to Dr. Taylor it took him 15 yrs.

  • Ellen Brough-Smith

    Wow. I find this so amazing that the 14th to 11th generation grandchildren are finding their way back this man. I am 12th great with two more generations after me.

  • Matthew Gray

    Through I have determined that Rowland Taylor is my 15th great grandfather. I was so excited to find this out. I am currently in seminary and have just been recently studying about him and William Tyndale and others from his time.

    Hello to all my relatives!

  • Betty

    Hello to all my relatives…and may God bless you; Betty Taylor Collins

  • Donnie Alan Blackstone

    I’m a 12th Grandson of Rowland Taylor from South Carolina Wade Hampton Blackstone and Anne Taylor is my Great Grandparents, With me just getting to find out that Dr Rowland Taylor was my 12th Grandfather just is something else. Happy to be part of this family.

  • Billie Jean Hobbs Dailey

    I am honored that Rowland Taylor is my paternal 12th great grandfather and that Margaret Tyndale Taylor is my 12th great grandmother (She is the daughter of John Tyndale – brother of William Tyndale whose translation was the first English Bible to draw directly from Hebrew and Greek texts, the first English one to take advantage of the printing press and the first of the new English Bibles of the Reformation.) We truly have such a rich Christian heritage!
    My lineage to Rowland Taylor:
    Me-Billie Jean Hobbs Dailey;
    Mom-Dorothy Aline Taylor Hobbs;
    George Evans Taylor Sr;
    John Wesley Taylor;
    Edwin Samuel Taylor;
    James Taylor b1770;
    James Taylor b1742;
    Thomas Taylor b1718;
    Thomas Taylor b1670;
    Capt John Henrey Taylor;
    James The Elder Taylor;
    Thomas John Immigrant Taylor;
    Capt Thomas J Taylor;
    John Thomas Taylor;
    Rowland Taylor;
    John Taylor b1478;
    ? Uncertain of John’s father- conflicting info on which person.
    Blessings my cousins!
    I am on ancestry .com.

  • Lady Rebecca Bennett Armstrong

    Please contact me concerning our Great Grandfather Rowland Taylor!
    I am on Rebecca Bennett Armstrong
    Also my email address is
    Look forward to hearing from my cousins!!
    Bette Collins, I lived in Gloucester Virginia and considered this my home! Now I know why!!
    Please contact me and let’s chat!

  • matthewgray81

    Hi, I saw your latest message about wanting to be contacted by descendants of Rowland Taylor. I believe he is my 14th great grandfather if my memory serves me correctly from my tree. I am graduating from seminary on May 13 and following in our great+ grandfather’s tradition, although ideally not in the martyrdom part of it, although that in itself would be a blessing to be a part of.

  • Virginia Taylor

    I too just found out I am related to Rowland Taylor. My sister is doing our ancestry and just told me. How very exciting and honored I feel to have such a relative!

  • Edward Taylor

    Rowland Taylor is my 13th great grandfather also.

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